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Co-Sponsor Alert: Right to Work


Over 27 states have implemented right to work legislation, which protects workers from having to join unions and pay expensive fees as a condition of employment. As a right to work state, South Carolina has created an environment where both employees and businesses thrive. 

The federal government should follow South Carolina's lead on this issue, which is why I am a proud co-sponsor of the National Right to Work Act. This common sense legislation stands up for all American workers by protecting their freedom to choose if they want to join a union, rather than forcing a worker to do so if they want to get or keep a job. Additionally, this bill does not add to existing federal law but deletes existing forced unionism provisions.



ICYMI: Carolina This Week 

  I joined last Sunday's Carolina This Week with Trey Paul to discuss our booming economy and provide an update on disaster relief. We also discussed I-73 and the need for Congress to pass the USMCA as quickly as possible!

If you missed the interview you can watch it below. 

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Preparing for Hurricane Season


June 1st marked the beginning of the 2019 hurricane season and it is important that you and your family are prepared. To prepare, South Carolina Emergency Management suggests that you:

  • review and finalize family emergency plans
  • make a disaster supply kit
  • review insurance policies
  • talk with your loved ones about what could happen during a disaster

Part of living in the beautiful state of South Carolina is making sure you are ready for extreme weather events, so please take some time to prepare with your family! Click below for helpful resources from SCEMD.

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Grants Seminar This Week 


My team will be hosting a Grants Seminar on June 4th and there are still spots available! We are bringing in some of the best in the business to provide insight into the federal grant process, so that your organization can learn how to maximize resources available to you!

Please RSVP to today if you are interested in attending!