Peace Through Strength 

On Tuesday, President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Iran deal. This was a bad deal that did not serve American National Security interests, and I support the Administration in this decision. 

The Iran deal was flawed from the start. The deal did not adequately address the threat of Iran's missile program and did not include a strong enough mechanism for inspections and verification. It failed to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions and enriched the regime's ability to fund terrorist proxy groups, falling far short of its primary goal of preventing nuclear weapon development in Iran. Together with our allies, we must ensure the regime's destabilization efforts no longer go unchecked, and that Iran never has a path to a nuclear weapon. 

President Trump stood up against Iran and for the American people by withdrawing from this bad deal. I will continue to work with this Administration to hold Iran accountable for their unacceptable actions.

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Teacher Appreciation Week 

  This week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I am thankful for all of the educators I learned from, and as the son of a teacher I know how selfless, challenging, and rewarding this career is. My mom spent 30 years as a school teacher at Woodland Park Elementary School on the old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Like all school teachers, she helped raise hundreds of boys and girls. Every week can and should be teacher appreciation week! Please reach out and thank teachers for the difference they have made in your life and lives of your children!  


Vote Notes: Relief for Consumers

  Many regulations implemented during the Obama Administration harmed the economy, costing American jobs and countless taxpayer dollars. The good news is that under the Congressional Review Act, Congress has the ability to repeal these harmful, costly regulations and provide relief to American consumers and businesses. This week, the House took action to remove Washington bureaucrats from auto-lending, giving consumers more flexibility when financing their car payments. Our Republican Congress has repealed 16 job-crushing regulations imposed by President Obama as part of our mission to create a regulatory environment that spurs economic growth.   


Perspectives on the Jobs Gap

  This week, I participated in a Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee Hearing on "Jobs and Opportunity: Legislative Options to Address the Jobs Gap." I asked witnesses about ways we can engage potential workers in our growing Seventh District economy. Receiving different perspectives on workforce development initiatives is vital to understanding the challenges we face and developing strategic solutions to bridge the jobs gap. I am working hard at the federal and local level to ensure our community has a workforce that is prepared for the opportunities projects like the Dillon Inland Port and I-73 will bring! 

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C-SPAN Interview

  I sat down with C-SPAN Washington Journal to discuss the Iran deal trade, and tax reform. One question I was asked was how tax reform is impacting the economy. From record low levels of unemployment, a revised GDP growth projection of 3.1%, a marked increase in capital expenditures, to record high business confidence, tax reform is restoring America as the land of opportunity! Thank you to everyone who called in with their questions! If you missed the interview, you can watch it by clicking the link below. 

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