Not all Heroes Wear Clothes

Last week, President Trump announced U.S. Special Operations Forces provided a major victory in the fight against ISIS. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest killing himself and two of his children after being cornered by U.S. Special Operations Forces. Thankfully, there were no U.S. casualties. The Trump Administration began planning two weeks prior to the raid after gaining intelligence on al-Baghdadi's location. The bravery and dedication of our men and women in uniform is unparalleled. A military working dog named Conan helped execute this successful mission. Conan has taken part in about 50 missions over four years. Although, he was injured during the mission he has since returned to active duty. Thank you President Trump and Thank you Conan!

House Votes on Impeachment Inquiry

On Thursday, House Democrats attempted to legitimize the illegitimate impeachment inquiry unilaterally initiated by Speaker Pelosi 37 days ago. The resolution further taints this sham impeachment inquiry by refusing to allow due process or full transparency. House Democrats are blinded by their inability to accept the results of the 2016 election. It’s time for Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats to put country before party and focus on the real issues facing the American people like passing USMCA, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, improving our nation’s infrastructure, securing our border, and fully funding our military. It’s time to stop this partisan bickering and get to work for the American People. They deserve better.

Economic Success in the Seventh District

This week brought further good economic news in our district. Marion County, which in 2009 had an unemployment rate of 20.4%, announced a record low unemployment rate of 2.7%. Once dependent on textiles and tobacco, Marion has diversified and found significant success. The Inland Port Dillon is a key factor in the economic turnaround. In the Grand Strand, economic indicators released by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce showed another year of growth. Hospitality fees are up 12% over 2018 and accommodations taxes are up about 19% demonstrating the continued growth in tourism along the South Carolina Coast. These communities have worked hard for their economic success and I will do all I can to ensure their continued growth.

Transparency in Drug Pricing

On Monday, the Payment Commission Data Act passed the House of Representatives. I was an original cosponsor and am proud to have worked with Representative Buddy Carter on this important bill to increase transparency in drug pricing. Drug pricing is a major issue for me and many in our communities. This bill gives access to drug pricing data to Medicare and Medicaid payment advisory commissions who give informed recommendations to Congress. With these recommendations Congress may implement policy reform to further help patients. This greater transparency will translate to lower drug prices for American.