A Taxpayer First System

Reforming our tax code was just the first step in improving our country's tax system. This week, the House Ways and Means Committee marked up the first bipartisan IRS reform package in decades. This legislation will refocus the IRS back to its "taxpayer first" mission and I was happy that my bill, the Electronic Signature Standards Act, was included in this package. Modernizing the IRS's ancient information technology infrastructure will address many of the issues American taxpayers face when dealing with our nation's tax collector. 

This is the last year you will have to file your taxes under the old tax system. Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, most Americans will be able to file their taxes in a simple and straightforward way. The IRS has also released a 2018 withholding calculator so families can determine the appropriate withholding amount for their circumstances. Additionally, you'll be able to take advantage of money saving provisions in the tax code, such as the increased standard deduction and expanded child tax credit! 

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Balanced Budget Amendment 

  I was absent for a congressional session day this week due to a family medical emergency. It was the second full day I have missed in five years in Congress. I will be back in DC doing the job you sent me to do on Monday. I particularly hated to miss this day because we voted on a Balanced Budget Amendment. I have cosponsored Balanced Budget Amendments in each of the three terms I have served and I wish I could have been there to vote for this one. I will continue to advocate for fiscally conservative principles and responsible spending in Washington D.C.  


South Carolina Chamber Meeting

  I had the opportunity to sit down with members of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce who were at the Capitol this week. We discussed how pro-growth tax reform is benefitting businesses and workers in the Palmetto State! It was great to speak with South Carolina's job creators about issues that impact them and their employees.   


Memorandum of Understanding

  On Monday,14 federal agencies signed and presented the One Federal Decision Memorandum of Understanding to President Trump. This memorandum estalishses a timely process for environmental reviews of major infrastructure projects. This will reduce the amount of burdensome regulations that unnecessarily back up the permitting process, and delay critical projects such as I-73. 

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Advancing Telehealth

  I was proud to be the recipient of the Telehealth Champion award this week! While I was unable to attend the ceremony, one of my staff members accepted the award on my behalf. Telehealth equips rural areas with access to quality and affordable healthcare by providing a direct link to specialized medical providers. From sore throats to serious medical emergencies, this service enables patients in rural areas to receive the specialized care they require without additional, exorbitant costs. I will continue to advocate for policies that expand health care services and access at a reasonable cost!