Vote Notes: NO on Omnibus 

I voted no on the Fiscal Year 2018 omnibus spending bill. The $1.3 trillion spending package Congress passed increased spending by 13 percent and included far too many giveaways that we simply cannot afford. We must adequately fund our military and other policy priorities without busting through our spending caps and placing insurmountable debt on future generations. I will continue to advocate for responsible government spending and fiscally conservative principles in D.C. 



USS Ralph Johnson Commissioning

  A few years ago, God led me to meet Lieutenant Clebe McClary on a flight when I was traveling back to South Carolina. Clebe, a Vietnam veteran, gave an awful lot to his country leading his recon platoon through an enemy ambush on a hill in Vietnam. Most men would have died, and his men with him, but Clebe kept his wits and led the survivors to safety. In the midst of that battle, a young African American man from Charleston threw himself on a grenade to save the lives of his compatriots, including Clebe. That young man, Ralph Johnson, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. During the flight Clebe pulled out an old tattered notebook that he carries everywhere he goes. On the cover is a large photo of Ralph Johnson. Clebe proudly told me that they were naming a ship after Ralph Johnson, but he was bothered that the ship was to be commissioned in San Diego instead of Ralph Johnson’s home town of Charleston. He said “Tom you’re a Congressman, can you do something about that?” Two years later, I was so honored to attend the commissioning of the United States Naval Destroyer Ralph Johnson in Charleston, South Carolina! The below photo is of me and Lieutenant Clebe Mcclary at the commissioning this weekend.

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Behind the Bar

  I had the opportunity to go “Behind the Bar” at Starbucks this week in honor of the tax reform benefits the company is awarding their team members!  In addition to pay raises, Starbucks gave all of their employees stock grants and expanded benefits packages. I had a great time getting to know these hard working employees, celebrating tax reform, and learning how to make a frappuccino!  


Small Business Round Table

  Businesses large and small are rewarding hardworking Americans because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. I met with Grand Strand small business owners to discuss the impacts of tax reform on their companies. We talked about provisions in the tax bill that are delivering significant tax relief to main street job creators, such as the first ever small business tax deduction of 20 percent. Thank you to everyone who attended to talk about the progress we've made and the steps we can take to further help small businesses grow, hire, and invest in our communities!    


Thank a Farmer

  Wednesday was Natural Agriculture Day! Thank you to all of the farmers and ranchers in South Carolina's seventh district who work tirelessly to put food on our tables, clothes on our back, and so much more. Agriculture is truly the backbone of our economy and as far as I’m concerned, every day should be "Agriculture Day!" I hope you’ll join me in thanking our farmers and ranchers for everything they contribute to our community.