This past week, we tragically lost one of our Heroes in Blue, Jacob Hancher. Officer Hancher was sworn in as a police officer less than a year ago after serving as a department community service officer for four years. He was also a volunteer firefighter for Horry County Fire Rescue. 

Wrenzie and I are praying for his loved ones and the entire community.

Police officers everywhere need our prayers and support now more than ever before. We need to remember the sacrifice and risk they take each day they put on that uniform.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Joe Biden wants to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, raising taxes on his first day in office. Here’s a reminder of how successful the TCJA has been for American families: 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

  • Created a historic tax cut for Main Street businesses.
  • Lowered tax rates for job creators of all sizes.
  • Made it easier for companies to bring jobs and investments back to the U.S. 
  • Cut income tax rates across the board.
  • Nearly doubled the standard deduction.
  • Doubled the Child Tax Credit.

Which resulted in

  • Main Street Optimism Reached An All-Time High. 
  • Opportunities For All Americans Flourished. 
  • Jobs Added to the Economy.
  • Wages for Minorities Grew at a Faster Pace.
  • Wages for Women Grew at a Faster Pace. 
  • Wages for Youths (Ages 16-24) Grew at a Faster Pace. 
  • Wages for All Levels of Educational Attainment Grew at a Faster Pace. 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, championed by congressional Republicans, spurred a boom in economic growth that took Americans off the sidelines and got them back to work. 

For more on the success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, click here.

Pelosi's Taxpayer Ransom Demand

Nancy Pelosi has held back help for families and small businesses as ransom because she failed to get her way on her liberal wish list, and now blames the President.

If Pelosi really wanted to help families and businesses, she would pass clean Covid relief legislation to extend the Paycheck Protection Program and provide a stimulus without all the pork.

Why is that not an option Madam Speaker? Why are partisan politics more important to you than the American people?

Opinion | Pelosi's Taxpayer Ransom Demand

ICYMI: WRNN Interview

I talked to Dave Priest on WRNN 99.5 about Covid-19 relief, SCOTUS confirmation, and legislation to support our police officers.

My wife Wrenzie even joined us!

Be sure to listen below!