Connecting the Seventh District 

I met with Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC) this week to discuss our shared priority of improving the Seventh District's broadband infrastructure. Reliable broadband internet provides important employment, educational, and health opportunities that are essential to engaging in today's economy. In the Seventh District, building robust broadband infrastructure will create jobs, attract new industries, and improve the quality of life in rural areas. HTC is doing important work for the Seventh District and I will continue to look for opportunities to improve broadband connectivity in our region. 



Less Time on Paperwork, More Time Serving You

  I joined Synovus Bank Advisory Board's monthly meeting to discuss policies that directly impact the banking community and their customers- small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families. I was happy to report that President Trump recently signed the most pro-growth financial reform package in twenty years, releasing Dodd-Frank's regulatory chokehold on small financial institutions. I received positive feedback about how easing duplicative regulations will allow Seventh District banks to better serve their customers and our community!  


Increasing Charitable Giving 

  It was great to meet with leaders from local chapters of charitable organizations this week. We had a productive discussion about ways to increase charitable giving as well as the important work these organizations do in the Seventh District. I am so thankful for their dedication to lifting people up in our community!   


HSA Legislation Passes House

  As I traveled through the district this week, many of you asked me what Congress is doing to lower the cost of health care. While my colleagues and I continue to pursue comprehensive health care reform, we are also working to enact targeted policies that will lower costs and expand choice. Just last week, the House passed two pieces of legislation that expand Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). HSAs are used by over 20 million Americans and put individuals and families in control of how their health care dollars are spent. These bills will increase choice and lower costs for South Carolinians struggling to afford health insurance under Obamacare. You can watch my floor speech in support of these important bills below. 

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