Saving Taxpayer Money

Each year, my staff and I create a budget for our three fully operational offices and continuously look for ways to cut costs that will save taxpayer money. I am proud to return $101,360 of my operating budget back to the United States Treasury and ask that it be used to pay down the national debt. I will continue to apply fiscally responsible budgeting principles to my office and our national budget! 

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Vote Notes

  On Wednesday, the S.T.O.P School Violence Act passed the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support. This legislation is an important step forward in protecting our children and keeping our schools safe. This multi-faceted approach to school safety provides funding for crisis intervention teams, school violence prevention training, and technology to improve school security. It also facilitates coordination between schools and local law enforcement. This will empower students, teachers, and law enforcement to identify threats and intervene before violence reaches our schools.  


Next Up: Trade

  The combination of tax reform and regulatory reform has our economy booming, and I want to build on this momentum through trade! I joined over 100 House Republicans in a letter to President Trump supporting his action against China and other unfair trading partners while expressing our concern that broad tariffs could have unintended negative consequences for the U.S. economy and its workers. By modernizing our trade agreements and targeting bad actors in this space, we will accelerate our economy. I talked to Bloomberg about the progress we've made during NAFTA negotiations and how reforming trade will put us on the path for continued economic growth. Watch the full interview! 

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Cutting the Red Tape 

  I participated in a meeting with physican groups to discuss a Medicare red tape relief initiative. Burdensome regulations drive up the cost of health care and I am actively looking for solutions that will restore a sustainable health care system with lower costs and more options. I am looking forward to working with other Ways and Means Republicans on the reduce the red tape initiative!  


Constituents in the Capitol 

  It is an honor and a joy to spend time with my constituents in Washington D.C. I had the opportunity to show one of my constituents, Ernie, around the Capitol and discuss issues that are important to him. If you are planning a trip to Washington D.C. be sure to stop by my office!  


National Guard Address

  Last weekend, I attended the National Guard's annual conference in Myrtle Beach. I took the opportunity to thank them for their life-saving rescue missions during Hurricane Matthew and to discuss our shared priority of military readiness. It was an honor to attend this event and thank members of the National Guard for their sacrifice and service to our country!